dimarts, de juliol 17, 2007


'We are not in the position of children who have been given portions of pie by someone who now makes last-minute adjustments to rectify careless cutting. There is no central distribution, no person or group entitled to control all the resources, jointly deciding how they are to be doled out. What each person gets, he gets from others who give to him in exchange for something, or as a gift. In a free society, diverse persons control different resources, and new holdings arise out of the voluntary exchanges and actions of persons.'

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Blogger Jordi Coll ha dit...

Tots el nens haurien de néixer amb uns quants escrits de Nozick sota el braç. Les poques coses que valen la pena de Dret II és l'estudi de Nozick.

10:55 p. m.  

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