dimecres, d’abril 04, 2007


'He hired a sensitive poet to cover baseball games. He hired an art expert to handle financial views. He got a socialist to defend factory owners and a conservative to champion labor. He forced an atheist to write on the glories of religion. He made a disciplined scientist proclaim the superiority of mystical intuition over the scientific method. He gave a great symphony conductor a munificent yearly income, for no work at all, on the sole condition that he never conduct an orchestra again.
His procedure evolved into a simple formula. When a newspaperman received an invitation to call on Wynand, he took it as an insult to his journalistic integrity, but he came to the appointment. He came, prepared to deliver a set of offensive conditions on which he would accept the job, if at all. Wynand began the interview by stating the salary he would pay. Then he added: -You might wish, of course, to discuss other conditions...- and seeing the swallowing movement of the man's throat, concluded: -No? Fine. Report to me on Monday-.

The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand.

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