diumenge, de gener 14, 2007


Someone said once that all time spent outside the United States was wasted time, he (as I'm sure it was a He) was defintely right, men!
I proudly welcome my american friends in l'Estable and I hope (I'll get angry otherwise, beware!) to get your comments here; yes that goes for you Sean, Bren and Shana, you lazy people!

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Anonymous Shana ha dit...

you're real fun jordi. see u!

9:33 a. m.  
Anonymous Alberto ha dit...

I les american parties q company?

12:24 p. m.  
Anonymous Anònim ha dit...

Why should it be a "He"?

2:28 p. m.  
Anonymous Reix ha dit...

You could put this link in your homepage for your new american friends. Cheers from Catalonia:


6:07 p. m.  
Blogger El Regidor ha dit...

l'alberto m'ha tret la pregunta dels dits....

9:38 p. m.  
Blogger Albert ha dit...

Bé...és discutible...

1:28 a. m.  

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