dimarts, de setembre 12, 2006

Hayek (2)

"This is the fundamental fact on which the whole philosophy of individualism is based. It does not assume, as is often asserted, that man is egoistic or selfish, or ought to be. It merely starts from the indisputable fact that the limits of our powers of imagination make it impossible to include in our scale of values more than a sector of the needs of the whole society, and that, since, strictly speaking, scales of value can exist only in individual minds, nothing but partial scales of value exist, scales which are inevitably different and often inconsistent with each other. From this the individualist concludes that the individuals should be allowed, within defined limits, to follow their own values and preferences rather than somebody else's, that within these spheres the individual's system of ends should be supreme and not subject to any dictation by others. It is this recognition of the individual as the ultimate judge of his ends, the belief that as far as possible his own views ought to govern his actions, that forms the essence of the individualist position."

Defensa més aviat utilitarista de l'individualisme. Per mi sobra la justificació utilitarista. M'és igual si és globalment millor o pitjor, si podem o no incloure en el nostre procedir escales de valors que incloguin les necessitats de tota la societat. Em sembla moralment reprobable obligar a adoptar l'escala de valors d'un altre, per benintencionades que siguin i punt. No sóc individualista perquè sigui globalment millor, com sembla insinuar Hayek, a mi això m'és igual. Com diu Valentí Puig, el liberalisme extrem requereix molta mala llet.

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